infant toilet cubicles

Infant Toilet Cubicles

Door Height1000mm
Partition Height1800mm
Partition Width1500 - 1800mm

Fun for Kids!

For small children going the toilet by yourself can be new and sometimes scary prospect. That's why our infant cubicles come with bright colours and fun designs, so that smaller children see the washroom as a fun and safe place where they can use the toilet safely.

Safety and Supervision

Infant's using the bathroom sometimes require assistance, but also maintain the need for privacy. That's why our cubicles come with low-height, 'curved' or 'waved' doors that offer privacy for children but allow for adult supervision when necessary. On request we can also provide magnetised door locks, so that children cannot accidentally lock themselves in.

Take a look at our cubicles by selecting the images to the right, or for more information call us on:020 7458 4402

infant toilet cubicle - Jungle Theme

Jungle - Toilet Cubicle

infant toilet cubicle - Hand Print Theme

Hand Print - Toilet Cubicle

infant toilet cubicle - ABC Theme

ABC - Toilet Cubicle

infant toilet cubicle - Seabed Theme

Seabed - Toilet Cubicle

Standard Cubicle Fittings

Cubicle Leg

Multi-Powder Coated

MPC Hinge
Cubicle Hinge

Multi-Powder Coated

MPC Lock
Cubicle Lock

Multi-Powder Coated

MPC Toilet roll holder
Toilet Roll Holder

Multi-Powder Coated