junior toilet cubicles

Junior Toilet Cubicles

Door Height1300mm
Partition Height1800mm
Partition Width1500 - 1800mm

Brighten up the washroom

A washroom doesn't have to be drab and boring, using our colourful cubicles and exciting print designs, we can make children's washrooms and fun place that they can enjoy and use safely. All our cubicles come with components and fittings that are themed with the primary colours, so that the look of the cubicles is not ruined by black or silver parts that do not fit the aesthetic.

Cubicles for Boys and Girls

As children get older their interests often differ, and that's why our junior range comes with more 'girl' and 'boy' themed designs. We have many themes, such as Deep Space, Princess Castles, Dinosaurs and more...
We also offer plenty of designs that are completely gender neutral.

Take a look at our cubicles by selecting the images to the right, or for more information call us on:020 7458 4402

junior toilet cubicle - Deep Space Theme

Deep Space - Toilet Cubicle

junior toilet cubicle - castle Print Theme

Castle - Toilet Cubicle

junior toilet cubicle - Dinosaur Theme

Dinosaur - Toilet Cubicle

junior toilet cubicle - Unicorn Theme

Unicorn - Toilet Cubicle

Standard Cubicle Fittings

Cubicle Leg

Multi-Powder Coated

MPC Hinge
Cubicle Hinge

Multi-Powder Coated

MPC Lock
Cubicle Lock

Multi-Powder Coated

MPC Toilet roll holder
Toilet Roll Holder

Multi-Powder Coated