School IPS Panels

Back and Duct Panels

Our colourful IPS panels come in two variants, the first of which is the back panel. This is a complete panel that resides at the back of your cubicle maintain the colour scheme of your cubicle. The second if the Duct panel, which is structurally stronger and is used as a backing panel to hang sinks, urinals, hand dryers etc.

Our IPS panels are made to measure and come in a wide array of colours though of course the red, blue and yellow are a firm favourite as they match both the fittings and cubicles we provide.

senior vanity unit 1

IPS Duct Panel (for sinks)

senior vanity unit 2

IPS Duct Panel (for toilets)

cubicle back panel

Cubicle Back Panel

ips back panel

IPS Back Panel