infant vanity units

Infant Vanity Units

Unit Height620mm
Standard Depth600mm
Semi Recessed Depth350mm

Colourful Vanities for Children

Our vanity units are themed in the three primary colours red, yellow and blue. These colours are chosen to match our fittings and vanity units, creating a instant theme in the washroom that children will enjoy.

Water Resistant and Hard Wearing

When washing their hands children are not always the tidiest bunch and spillages are bound to occur. Our vanity units are built from Solid Grade Lamanite which is incredibly water resistant and will not erode or discolour despite large amounts of water exposure. They are also very hard wearing and are not easily vandalised or damaged.

infant vanity unit 1

Infant Vanity unit 1

infant vanity unit 2

Infant Vanity unit 2

infant vanity unit 3

Infant Vanity unit 3

infant vanity unit 4

Infant Vanity unit 4