senior vanity units

Senior Vanity Units

Unit Height820mm
Standard Depth600mm
Semi Recessed Depth350mm

Economical and Stylish HPL Vanities

Our washroom vanity units for adults are versatile, cost-effective and perform well in dry areas. With a large array of profiles and over 30 colours available, we guarantee we can provide the right unit for your requirements.

High Performance SGL Vanities

For wet areas and generally better performance our SGL Vanity units are ready and available. SGL vanities are water resistant, and very difficult to damage or even vandalise. They perform well and non of its vast array of colours will not degrade over years of cleaning like other solutions.

senior vanity unit 1

Senior Vanity unit 1

senior vanity unit 2

Senior Vanity unit 2

senior vanity unit 3

Senior Vanity unit 3

senior vanity unit 4

Senior Vanity unit 4